My Career Path 2007 - 2014

A bit about my job:

1. SMK Tamparuli, Tamparuli
Duration: 3 Months
Post: Practicum English Language teacher
Scope: I did my teaching practicum in this school. One of the class that I was lucky enough to teach is all-girls science stream class. Too much estrogen!

2. Smart Tuition Centre, Papar
Duration: 7 Months
Post: English Tutor
Scope: After my internship (practicum), I decided to work as full time English Tutor in one of the tuition centre in Papar, Sabah. I worked with kindergarten kids up to Form 5 students and even practiced English Language for adult learners for a group of working moms under intensive Communicative English Skills.

3. SMK Langkon, Kota Marudu
Duration: 3 years 4 months
Post: English Teacher
Scope: My first posting as a teacher before I was transferred to the Education District Office. Apart from English, Morale Studies and Civic Studies were added to my repertoire.

4. Education District Office, Kota Marudu


Post: English Language Officer
Scope: I deal with teachers' on-going training and teachers' training in my district.
Manage projects, paper works, program etc that involved English Teachers. Overseeing all the teaching and learning activities in 7 Secondary Schools and 37 Primary schools.
Officiating English related ceremonies (also non-English related) which was really 'educating'.
The supervisor of the Native Speakers Program where Native English Speakers were sent to Primary School as mentors to English Teachers - 2 natives speakers, one from Canada and one from the UK.
On top of all, I learn how to manage teachers which was harder than managing students.

5. Pusat Penataran Ilmu dan Bahasa, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Post: External English Tutor.
Scope: I was doing my masters degree and was offered to teach Reading and Writing in English Language to various group of UMS under-grad students taking various majors and minors. It's a very interesting experience and I have a clearer seeing now on the level of English proficiency amongst universities students.

6. Multimedia College, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Scope: I was referred by a friend to work as an external part time lecturer in this college. I have the privilege to teach diploma students from various faculties.
1. English Proficiency Skills
2. English for Technical Communication.
3. English for Communication.

7. SMK Langkon, Kota Marudu
Scope: I finally decide to go back to my root of teaching students because this is what I like to do most.

8. Open University Malaysia
Post: Part Time English Tutor
Duration: October 2013 - Present
Scope: English for Oral Communication & English for Written Communication

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