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Odd, responsibility, truthfulness and ignorance...

I feel so weak now and I cant even face myself. Everything is totally mix up for me. Everything is not right and everything is not as it seems to be before. My exam didn’t go well although I have two papers to go. I'm just confuse.

Sometimes, when it come to honesty and being true to own self, I always see things differently odd and in many times, it gave the creep out of me. Maybe I have to learn to accept things as it is. Its all about what you want and what you are capable of doing. They said it comes from the heart and the only question to be answered on that is to be or not be. Saying is not always easy as doing it. You got to have your own reasons to be doing things and that you should come back to it when you feel weak and down. You may not see it now but thinking grows with the mind and time. Experience is the best teacher anybody could have, be it your own or people around you.

Suddenly you are questioned with you own sense and choice. Many people choose to follow their heart but some may still return to their rationales. Choices is the freedom to chose and decide things which gives you the best satisfaction you need. And it’s a responsibility afterwards for us. Is it true that the heart is always against the mind? Is it too obvious to say that the heart is always on top of rationales or is it too rude to say that? Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot decide which way to go or which were to be figured out first? What to do and what to be done?

It’s the odd of the world that I am as what I am now and it is my responsibility to achieve what I want and what I should be having. It’s the truthfulness that condemn me as a person of complexities and keeping me against my will and it is the ignorance that I have to face as to both myself and people around me. It’s the hatred that I have for myself and amongst all, it’s the love that I have to let go soon, if not sooner..
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