It’s been a week now that I’ve been touring around Bangkok or BKK for short, alone. I like BKK a lot although I don’t actually speak Thai. Well, honestly I do think that Thai language is very soft and polite to be heard. They have thins ‘na’ and either ‘ka’ or krab’ that makes it more polite. At least I think it that way. I know it too much and a lit bit early for me to say that I beginning to fall for this land of the famous King Mongkut and His Son, the Highness Prince Chulalangkorn. I have always admired King Mongkut. Way back when I’m still a secondary school, one of my favorite subject is actually History. I learn so many new things and though some of my friends said that History will be the last on their list, I instead love it. China, India, Rome, Egypt, Thailand and of course Malaysia was among the countries that interest me a lot. King Mongkut however gotten to my attention amongst all. He was a very smart king and through His highly credibility and ruling, Thailand is what it is now. For those of you who were not aware of how this precious land gets its name, it’s simple. Thai means free and therefore, Thailand would bring to its easiest definition, the Free Land of which, the only country in world that has never been colonialized by which and whatever colonialist there was.

Forgive me the people of Thai, but when I was 16, where the internet was greatly expanded and quite new to me, I registered the one and only nick that I use until now in the IRC – spice_mongkut. I got so obsessed with the one leader I admire most and there I was, chatting like a true heir of my own free and independent kingdom. Many of my IRC friends knew me by photos and are aware that whenever there’s spice_mongkut, then it will only be me and actually it’s even until now. But honestly, people change and I soon left my teenager’s life and move on to more reality of my life. I chat more that 8 hours a day, everyday, when I was waiting to go to university as I was working in a Cyber café during that time. Soon, I only go online when I feel like it. I think messengers like yahoo and msn are better then this IRC thing but I log on, once in a while to see new things. Well, actually we have our own channel and I should say whenever I log on, definitely they knew who I am.

Coming back to the story, I reached Thailand at about 8.30pm, local time. Thailand is an hour later than Malaysia. Well, the airport is kinda big and the first trick I learn was that, never take a taxi from the airport itself. My sister is working here and been here for almost 6 years so, she taught me that I should go the third floor by stairs and then go one floor down using the elevator and from there, try searching for the exits that lead you straight to the highway. Only from there you should take your taxi. My sister said that it would cost you more when you take taxi direct from the airport. I’m not really sure how much, but I don’t really want to know. Well, I don’t know too whether these things are legal, but as much as I believe this is true, some rules are meant to be broken.

To my surprise, my sister was actually speaking Thai. I really couldn’t get what she said but I am kinda surprise. At least she learnt something that I hardly can! Reaching to the house to which I not really sure what to call this, located at Sukhumvit 36, really feel at home when she said there are two more sabahans leaving upstairs.

Well, I can’t share you what I experienced here in a more detail way but Thailand is an interesting place to visit. Although I can tell you that most Thai don’t speak fluent English but it does really test you survivor skills. Try to speak to a few Thais and they seems to understand what I am saying but they can’t give me the correct answer of my questions so you might think on learning some signaling things, like waving or anything that are understood able. For me, it just came naturally. I indeed went to many places. I went to Ekamai, King’s Park, Sikon which is a very big shopping complex maybe as big as Midvalley at Kuala Lumpur. My second day was a thrill. I went to Pantip which is a big (very big) Shopping Complex for only computers and its related things. I tell you, for the computer geeks, this will be a heaven for them. They have this all kinds of computer related things like the very cheap flat or normal monitors, keyboards in various designs, CPU casing in a various designs and colors too, rams and hardisks and many more. Not to mention the notebooks, latest mobile phone including the PAD, playstation, thumb drive and the list go on. Just think of anything that is related to computer, you surely can find it there. Fixing and installing, God, I tell you, you will certainly bored if you are not into computers because the building is all about computers!

Night life is a different story. With no friends, I wonder alone during nights. Using the BDS Skytrain of course, I went to the hot zone of the City, which is Silom and Patpong. Ha, the rest you don’t want to know. When I said you its hot, it’s hot!

Next day is another different story. My sis’ friend which happens to be a Sabahan, showed me around to another Shopping Complex call the MBK Center where mid year sales was rocking at that time.

Well, I couldn’t tell more because I have a few things to be done after this. Sure will continue this experience of mine if I have the time. Till then… kab kun krab..


ColoraturaTenor said…
went to patpong ALONE!!! hehe, u either had a hell of a good time... or ......

anyway, ought to pay pattaya a visit.... hehe, very "hot" too

didnt go to chatuchat??
Dea said…
Hi! We've met in MC, but I don't think you remember me. Anyway...

I think you've been to a lot of places in Thailand compared those who have been there for years *coughsmecoughs*, which is cool btw! :P

Thailand is truly amazing, and I enjoy every single bit of it. ;p From the helmet-less passengers on motorbikes, to its cool night markets. ;p Glad you enjoyed your trip! :P