There once a wealthy man who lived with his only son. Their relationship was so close and they even have the same hobby which is collecting paintings of famous artists from around the globe. No matter how expensive the painting would cost them, they are willing to take for granted on buying it. Some worth hundreds and some were reaching to 5 figures! Soon after that, they have so many paintings which they kept it in a big special and beautiful room inside their house. They would spent an hour or two everyday, admiring the paintings that they have and their future plan on buying more paintings as these would bring them so much satisfaction.

One day, a call from the king was heard through out the town. It was announced that every young man in each family should report to the district officer as they would serve the country as soldiers, fighting again terrorism caused by the neighboring country.
The son of the wealthy man was not exempted from the order. The father was so sad but realizing that this is by the order of the king and for the sake of their country, he supported the son on going to the war. The son knew that this is the chance for him to worth the loyalty he has to his country and agree to fight in the war.

Being alone, the father would spend much of his time in the special room which he himself and his son had prepared for the paintings. He misses his son so much that he even sleeps and has his daily meal inside the room. Days go by and soon after that, the war ended but his son never returned. There was no sign of him anywhere. The father waited for his son’s home coming but the son never did. Now, the father knew that his son had died in the battlefield. He was so sad and spends even more time in the room where he putted the paintings. He recalled all the memories that he and his son have had, from the memory of sharing both interest in arts and the hard work that they had done in collecting the various kinds of paintings that they have.

One day, the man’s house was visited by a soldier who is so badly injured with no left leg. He knocked and the old man opens the door.

“Good day to you sir,” said the young soldier.
“Good day to you too, young man,” the old man answered. “What can I do for you?” Ask the old man again.
“Sir, I’m a close friend of your son,” the young man explained. Hearing that, the father invited the young man to come in.
“We’d shared and talked so much about you regarding both of you and his interest in arts”. The young soldier begins his story. “We become so close and everyday we’ll talk of both experiences in life. He is a brave and good soldier sir and like what you’d feel, I miss him too. Too bad, he couldn’t make it. I’m sorry for you sir.” At that time, the old man cried silently. He misses his son so much and as if he felt what his son feel during his days of wars.
- “Sir, I was amazed by your son’s stories about your hobby of collecting paintings. I may not be a good artist but I drawn a picture of your son. I would appreciate it if you are willing to accept this painting as a symbol of friendship that your son and I have. It’s something I give sincerely and hope you would accept it.” The young man handed in the painting. He thanked the soldier for his effort of drawing the picture. He shakes the young soldier’s hand and after that, the young soldier left.
When the old man looked at the painting, it is not only that the image is not portraying his son’s face, it’s ugly too. But he can still recognize the looks, here and there. But despite that, he brought the painting to the special room and put down all the other paintings there, left alone the painting of the young soldier. He spent everyday, again, looking at the painting until one day, he got sick. Not long after that, the man died with much sadness and love for his son. He leaved no heir to inherit all the paintings but he had asked his most trusted friend, who is a lawyer to sell all the paintings.
News reached near and far about the man’s death and of the selling of the paintings. Many were interested in buying the paintings. The day comes, when all the paintings were ready to be sold. Many people gathered in a big hall with all the beautiful paintings were being displayed. Not only exclusive, but most of the painting were drawn by famous artists. Except one, all of the paintings were being displayed freely without anything covering it.
“Greeting ladies and gentlemen”, the lawyer said. “Today we are gathered here with a purpose, to inherit what seems to be so precious and a great satisfaction to all of us art lovers. Without further a due, let us begin with this first painting and as we all know, raising your hand means raising the price of the painting which is a thousand every time”.
“We shall start with this painting”…. The lawyer uncovered the first painting. All of the sudden, people were silence. They only whispered among themselves. It was the painting of the young soldier.
“What is that thing doing here?” Cried a man
“Yeah, we don’t want that! That’s not a painting” Cried another.
“That’s a…. misery…horrible”.
“Skip that one. We want other paintings!”

‘I’m sorry, in this letter, my friend said that, only after this painting, will the other paintings be sold.” Explain the lawyer.
“But nobody wants that painting. It’s disgusting.”
“And I’m sure it doesn’t cost a penny. My 2 year old son can even draw better than that.”
A moment of silence again perch the hall. Nobody seems to be interested in buying the first painting. They urged the lawyer to skip it and go on with the next. But again, the loyal lawyer explains that, this is to be the first.
“According to this letter, this painting will only cost 10 bucks”. Said the lawyer again. But still nobody care to buy the painting. To them, every single penny is worthy to fight for their favorite painting.
“I’ll take it.” Suddenly a voice comes from behind. People were anxious to know who is buying the painting. They look behind them. Then a young man appears. He was the cleaner of the hall, very much poor and very much weak. He was the man who drew the painting. Indeed, he was the young soldier. Almost crippled, he walks weakly to the lawyer.
“I’ll take the painting,” he said “but I only have 9 bucks with me now”.
“So take this.” A front sitter heard that he’d only 9 bucks with him and throws a penny worth 1 buck. “Now take that painting and leave!”
The man quickly takes the penny on the floor and gave the money to the lawyer. Again he said, “Among all the respective here, I am only a cleaner but I would like to buy this paintings because it means a lot to me”.
“So be it.” Said the lawyer and to that he announce that the selling was over.
“What?! You haven’t started anything yet! A man said.
“I just end it sir,” said the lawyer. “One who bought this painting shall have all the other paintings….


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