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A Conversation With Two Friends I

My phone rang suddenly when I was doing my assignment. It’s about 8 p.m. I guess. It’s Peter asking me to go out with them. Peter recently graduated from UPM doing accounting. Actually we are at the same age but he took matriculation and was ahead of me for 1 year since I took Form 6. I ask him what the plan is and honestly tell him that if he has clubbing on mind, that night is not a good night. One friend invited me to a birthday party that night and some said clubbing will be a good choice but I said I rather finish my assignment. Been doing it, I think, for a couple of hours, since sunset and kinda exhausted. Then Peter call and ask me whether I would like to join them for drink together with Janice. Janice? I was shocked. I had not heard from her like 3 or probably 4 years now since she went abroad after SPM. Doing A-level at the UK before entering Briston. Some people are just lucky... Hahaha, made me think of my life here. Well, it’s not that bad really. There are two of my friend closest friends who managed to go abroad. Another is Rach, who just graduated last year from Pune Memorial College, India, the place where Marsha AF3 should be going too actually but AF3 made her change her mind.
I reach Wisma Merdeka’s Coffee Bean half an hour later. It opens until 12 midnight now. Saw them sitting together. It’s raining cats and dogs at the time and upon seeing me, both of them were kind shocked. Hahaha... they said I had gain weight. Yeah rite, but still look daring handsome eligible bachelor. Another, yeah rite.
Janice said, she’s actually waiting for her cousin to pick her up but not until 10.30. I have to say Janice look prettier than before. And Peter, as usual, with his stylo looks. We were talking about ourselves most of the time especially when suddenly Peter ask Janice about her boyfriend. Janice had been staying with her aunt at Putrajaya since she graduted last year and often spend time with Peter since they’re both at KL. From what I understand, Janice’s x is actually a Sabahan too, staying somewhere at Kingfisher. Quite near to UMS, I said. Janice and her x met at KL. Her x was doing master at UPM too, something to do with computers, I think, listening from their conversation. And all of the sudden the conversation turns into something very serious. I was a bit disturb cause what I have on mind was all the fun stuffs but it’s an interesting talk when Peter acted like a matured guy. Something I didn’t see before, hahaha. It’s nice maybe if I share some of the story to you guys. Maybe we can get something from here.

Peter: I think I saw your boyfriend yesterday at Flying Club.
Janice: Which bf?
Me: Hahaha, don’t tell me you have more than one…
Janice: Easy come, easy go mah...
Me: That explains.
Peter: The one you said doing master…
Janice: Aya, don’t want to hear his namelah
Peter: I thought you guys were like the happiest couple in whole universe?
Janice: That’s a long story.
Peter: We’ve got time kan Ned?
Me: Another sad story from the drama queen I guess.
Janice: I dump him lah but not intentionally...
Peter: Because of Nick lah kan... Thought you guys had something that day...
Janice: No lah you. Heard so many things from Ken’s friends. So many things that I don’t want to believe at first but then it happens one day that I figure out that he’s seeing someone behind my back.
Me: Kes main kayu tigalah ni…
Janice: What to do…
Peter: So what happen?
Janice: I dump him of course. You wouldn’t expect me to get dumped by him kan. Although the feeling is still there...
Me: I fight if I were you...
Janice: Differentlylah Ned. Not like what you guys think. I trusted him all this time and all I know is to make him happy. It’s like you’ve been stabbed at the back, hearing that.
Me: How did you know that actually?
Janice: You mean he’s seeing another girl?
Me: Yup.
Janice: Came across his sms this one night. I was so shock actually but I pretended nothing happen until I was at home. I call him but he refuse to say anything at first but I said I read his sms then he begin admitting it.
Me: Another truth revealed by mobile…
Peter: Happens to me many times. That’s why I change my girlfriend names as if they were guys but still have a secret to identify them…
Janice: You guys are a total bullshit.
Peter: Don’t get to seriouslah you
Me: Yalah, as if there were no other guys here...
Peter: So what happened?
Janice: He kept calling me and I become tired of it. I started acting like I’m over it. Seeing many guys to burn my lonesome, hahaha. Funny…But actually, is not him lah. He said that the girl was he’s x but at that time, I don’t trust him anymore but I tried to be with him again and at the same time, I fall for another guy...hahaha...tapi keep it in my heartlah. Tell you, this guy is unreachable lah. We were at the same department actually. He’s so cute… macam Greg Utt...
Peter: Total slut..Must be Nick..
Janice: What do you expect...Nicklah…
Me: Manage to catch that guy lah…
Janice: No...
Peter: Why?
Janice: Long storylah. I thought he’s interested in me too at first tapi hard to say lah..
Me: Say anythinglah..
Peter: Attached you mean..
Janice: Something like that lah…
Me: Something like that lah what?
Janice: Aya you guys ah… the guy was having a rough time with her gf bah at that time. I was merely a rebound.
Me: Sounds familiar… very sad. I know…
Peter: Rite. Meaning to say, you guys try to have a relationshiplah? So what happen after that?
Janice: Well, I haven’t told him anything about my feeling of course and was kinda sad that time. He treated me as if im his psychiatric. I listen to every word he says and try to help every now and then. Hm...
Me: And?
Janice: Well, I don’t know for sure whether he and his gf manage to get over it but I sense that he’s happy now.
Peter: Sure or not?
Janice: Not sure lah but I hope things are getting well lah.
Me: And you?
Janice: As what you can see, I went home lah. To the land below the wind?
Peter: Yeah. Since I don’t have any plan working there, we might get together every now and then?
Me: HAhaha, I’m still studying lah you guys...
Peter: Who said anything about quitting? You study, you studylah... Join us if you want...
Me: Wah, so sarcastic eh? So Janice, how were you these days? Hope you still got your senses. Beside, there are some many nice men here. Sure you have one that you like...
Janice: Don’t really care about that anymore. At least for now. I’m tired of committing and being nice to people who aren’t nice to me in return.
Peter: You go girl…

to be continued
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emm.. like the dialogue :)

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