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A friend sent me an email… Its better that I share it with you guys (not the real email address) writes


Woi, apa kabar ko? Macam ums? Ok semua.. last sem sudahkan? Lama nda dengar dari ko ni… Sorrylah, line hp nda berapa bagus kalau di kampung.. sia pun lama sudah tidak keluar berjoli… jadi anak yang baik….kuang2…

Sorrylah juga hari tu… ingat mo jumpa ko masa sia pi kk tapi nda sempat sebab hujan kuat… takut banjir di telipok.. nda dapat sia balik KB….sorry ah…

Nilah first time sa masuk ko punya blog.. ni pula yang busy2 dulu tu kan… sa belum tengo gambar ko di Bangkok tu.. nanti ko kasi tengo ah….

Buli tahan ko punya blog ni.. banyak ko tulis… nda pula sia sangka ko macam ni.. sebab dulu macam ko rilek ja ni.. tenanglah… kadang2 klam kabut jugalah tapi betul2 sia dan sangka ko buli tulis macam ni.. luahan atau rekaan semata-mata tu… pengalaman betulkah? Hahahaha… macam bukan ko saja yang tulis… napa dulu ko nda pernah cakap apa2 dengan sia… tapi nda apa.. tu privasi ko bah kan….

Bah yalah… tu ja untuk ni kali… ada masa sia lawat ko di ums… ko masih di bilik yang sama kah? Red sama jingol masih sama ko? Oklah… tu ja… kirim salam sumandaks…


KB bestfren….

Dear Readers,

The day I read this email I was a bit threatened. As if I never have been honest to my best friend. Most people did not realize that I can write. Well, at least I think I can write… and yes, I like writing things in mind because I like visualizing things from the simplest to the hardest…

Writing in the net give me the freedom to speak my mind and never be interrupted by the so called “good listener”. There’s always interjection here and there… I like to be heard when I talk especially of those concerning my private emotions bla bla… I like people to look at my eyes and dive to my feelings of what I am trying to say. What I’m trying to explain. What I want and I want I like… but not everybody is that good listener type…

That’s why I like writing in the net… its like you say everything what you want… people will just read from A - Z without any interjections and interruptions.. Some just like to do that without one even reaching their conclusion…To that, when I write, I like people to think my stand… not that I want them to be like me or to think like me but at least to be aware my way of thinking… so that they will at least say “now I see” or “oh, its like that”… Its like we’re in conversations and people will just hear you and will only say something after you reach your mind….

I want people to understand what I am trying to say. I’m not saying that I’m good or correct at all time and to that, I still need a lot of adjustments. I like it when people gave their comments, be it good or bad, seriously I took that in a positive way. It is just how I reason things and it might differ from the others. People might not be at the same stand and it’s ok. I’m just trying my best to deliver my mind in the simplest way so that I can be understood by all…

Sometimes, it’s just good to only hear…

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