Welcome 2006!

I think it’s not too late for me to greet everyone, especially my readers, a merrier new year this time. The past 365 days had been an experience. It taught me personally to live life to the fullest and to love people around me more with no hatred. Well, to be frank, I never hated anyone but sometimes it can’t be helped. But still, I never hated anyone. I just dislike them… Hahaha….

The past year had been very educating. Problem comes and goes and there’s much to be faced in this new year. With new resolutions, people begin their life as if they are a new human being, taking the past as a valuable essence to face the days afterwards. People with much loves, patience and desire, passion and ambitions, obligation and commitments, wanting more and more everyday of their life. That’s how human being spent their time almost their entire life. They want more and more to be approved by the world and the least to say, obstacle won’t bother them. They understand completely that the road to each success is not easy and many had prepared themselves the full equipments to reach that goal.

For me likely this year, I’ll be finishing my year or studying… If I’m lucky enough, that is. A new page will be written as I go on with my life. And I still take everything as an education. To this, sincere from my heart, I ask for forgiveness if in anyways, I hurt anybody. I just want a clean start, to go on my time of my everyday life…

Happy New Year everyone.
May this year bring more happiness and the best wishes ever… these 365 days to come…