I Am Back!

Hello everyone..

Its been a while since the last time I'm here with my last posting. I had received dozen of emails asking my whereabouts. Well, actually I've been busy with my studies but now even more. I'm doing my practicum/practical now and I have to do so many things. That explains eveything, I guess. Hahaha.. but now I'm here. Ready to flow some actions of thought like before. To those who were used to my writings, they understand how I look upon some 'little' stufts that were neglected because of humans' tendecy to look but not to observe.

But foremost, I want to share my POV (point of view) and hope for the support of my readers, be it suggestions, comments or simply of adding some spices to my blog. To that, wait fo my first posting, happening right here only on anakjagung.blogspot.com.

Thx guys...


Xavier said…
and where are u now after sooooo long?