Alamak, I Forgot My Thumb Drive!

Hello you guys,
Thanks for the never ending support for my blog. Hahaha, received a few sms and emails regarding my posting "Good Bye Good Time". Well, its just some feeling I have and seriously killing me softly. But I don't want to talk about that anymore. I've decided to end that misery, end that blissful experience, wrapped in my memories as very interesting. And of course, very sweet. You see, I can't just let it over shadowed my life as if I am so weak! Nevetheless, actually I wanted to upload few photos here. Just to share some of the memories I went through. To show that I appreciate every moments of it, be it good or bad. Unfortunately, I left my thumb drive at home. But I will be uploading it one of these days.. Just wait...

I want to share something with all of you. Something that I overheard from some cartoon on tv.
It says "In our life, we cannot stop ourself from hurting people and definitely, cannot stop ourself from being hurt". For me, this is so true. Life is about learning things. Whatever it is, take every inch of it as education. The one true medicine for broken heart is the love gave by people around. Not forgetting God, that is. The one true source of love.

So whenever we try to please people, remember, we are opening our heart to 100% vice versa of it. But thats life. Thats a serious fact. Something you will live with and can't live without.
Until my next posting...