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Good bye Good Time..

Hi to all readers,
Thanks for the support for my blog even though I was away from the net for sometimes. But I'm back for good now, and I going to start again the things that I had left behind..You just watch!

You see, I was doing my practicum in one of the school in Tamparuli. Very much an experience. Met few people whom now, are so close to me. Being able to practice what I have learn in theories was the most exciting and toughest of all to be done but I seem to get over it. The more I think that I accomplished in doing my job, the smaller I think I am. My undertakings were kinda interesting. I have learn new things, met new people and personalities but most of all, I found the love of friendship that was as serious as being a one hell of a good family. Every now and then, I can still feel the warmth of togetherness and I often wonder whether what I feel now would be an everlasting feeling. Seriously, I want it that way...

Although I know I have to leave those things behind and start a new one, I must admit that it is not as easy as it seems. Separations and farewell had happened in most of my life and I just couldn't ignore of being entirely fragile. How weak I am.. Its for good, I must say, leaving that under circumstances, will be a serious crime.

I have fun working at the school, I have fun teaching the students and I have fun being surounded by beautiful people. People who have influence me to be better, people who have created a new me and people who comforts me through my days of pain. I have to say good bye now, God knows its hard for me, but I will walk straight, sometimes looking back to the road I have taken, then continue on..

I pray to God that this will help me to be better each and every day.. to the people I love and to the soul I live for...To me, myself and I...

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