Song of the Day!

This song was given by a close friend of mine, in a CD she gave me. I never heard of this song bofore ( I won't mind people saying that I am so last season). But, seriously, never heard of this song before.. The things is, I like this song from the first time I heard it... So this is the song...

- King

There i was waiting for a chance
hoping that u'll understand
the things i wanna say

As my love
is stronger than before
i wanna see u more and more
but you close the door

Why don't u try
to open up your heart
i won't take so much of your time.....

Maybe it's wrong to say please love me too
coz i know u never do
somebody else is waitin' there inside for you....
maybe its wrong to love you more each day
coz i know she's here to stay....
but i know to whom you should belong....

I believe what u said to me
we should set each other free
that's how u want it to be....

but my love is strong
i don't know if this is wrong
but i know to whom you should belong........