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10 Things Why…

These are the 10 reasons why I was away from anakjagung:

I don’t have internet connection
- Probably because my area has no telephone line?????

I work in the afternoon
- Probably because I woke at 11 almost every morning and makes it hard for me to go online?? Hahaha…

I don’t use my email often
- Probably because there’s the thing you call mobile phone??? You can always sms…faster and faster and faster…

I can’t open any URL which has no “gov” in it from the office
- probably because most of my colleagues (if not all) are into downloading stuffs from the internet, browsing xxx webs, not to mention those into online stocks and shares (IPC, Euroindex etc) that contributed to the barring of our net connection!

Not enough hub in our respective work place
- There are almost 20 of us in each room and there’s only one hub to connect to the internet with…

We are far from having wireless
- Most probably because no one bothers to ask our superiors (don’t look at me; I just started a month ago!)

Most of my colleagues enjoy surfing from the comfort of their own home
- like I said in #4, they wanted privacy accessing all that.. you know…

CCs are the centre of virus (worms, Trojans, viruses) transplant
- I have to reformat my hard disk a few times because my Antivirus is not strong enough? (Some says AVG is the best, some says Norton, some says PClin, some says kapersky, some says Antivil…) What is this?!

CCs are always full
- It takes hours in the queue to wait for people to finish they counterstrike, warcraft etc…

I am just too busy
- Holidays and free times are meant for rest and my only definition of rest is sleep. I can work for hours non stop but never bothers my sleep...
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