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A Distance From Being Close

As many of you know, I spent the last 6 years or so not in my hometown. I was known to many of my close friends as a City Boy. But I think they understand me better then. Not that I am a real city grown, but I just live my life being in a city. Honestly, I think life in the city is far easier for me, one way or the other. You bound to know your time management easily and maybe has a fixed schedule to almost every activity you have. Living in the country side is then a different setup for me. Setting up my own schedule and taking fully control of it seems hard. I can change my plan easily. Things here are not like those in cities. It’s more flexible, not crowded, no jam as in the city and hardly no Saturday night outing which then make is easier for you to plan everything. No rushing after work because you know by 5 p.m., you’ll be so caught up in jam. City life is more competitive and hasted. The moment you think you want to get something done, it is the moment you want to start doing it.

It’s not that I don’t like living in this place, place where I actually grew up. I like it very much. To sum all my likings being here, I have my family and relatives and most of closest and best friends are here. I am, eventually, tracing down my memory lane as it comes that, I missed a lot of things here. Some people are just babies when I first saw them but now, they’re all grown ups. I’m getting older by minutes, I realize…

In my previous posting, I mentioned something about my family in a way that might provoke people to the idea that I hate being with my family. It’s not that. I never did say that. I just wish that it would be different. Don’t get me wrong please. It just that, I face a lot of obstacles securing the goods of my family that was not supposed to be, almost all, my responsibilities. I know, I am actually bounded to be responsible to my own blood but I just wish its not only be doing all the thinking, all the measurements and all the financial boundaries. Oh, I am SO stopping from talking about my family from now onwards…

Sometimes, I think people by my side are close but then again, there are so far away…
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