People, I am Still Alive lah....

Solutation readers,
I know it's quite sometimes since I last log in and update my blog. But look people, I'm back and I am going to continue updating my blog from now onwards. I have a lot of stories to be shared here and hope, I still have the continuous support from all of my readers.

To begin a bit, I am now working, full time now. I just started a month ago and my life had change since. Now, I have my own schedule to be looked after and responsibilities to be accomplished. Well, I like my new job although it's tiring at times. I'm going to keep silent what my job is until my next posting. Till then, I hope I get some ideas on how to make my blog as interesting as ever. Not to much writing but with some photos and pictures as well.

Well, thats about it for now. I hope to receive some feedbacks every now and then.