Life Again

Thank God I was so busy these few weeks. And I couldn't be more happier. Hope it'll be better after this. My friends see me as a pathetic stupid guy whenever I talk about my ex, hahaha. Guess, I really have to start moving on. Life had been hard but I so grateful to have so many wonderful and beautiful friends to share my ups and downs. That's why my rushing here and there helps. Somehow, it's like a therapy for me to ease the my feelings. Sounds stupid huh?

It's been raining every now and then I stayed at home most of the time, if there's no work to be done. A bit under the weather, that is. Spend most of my free time browsing to my sister's DVD. Plenty of great movies. I like movies very much but I have to be satisfied with VCDs and DVDs since I am two hours drive from KK. Missed a lot of movies already, gosh.. But I won't let myself missing Harry Potter.. Never!