Life's Like This

Sorry you guys...
I really can't update this blog at the moment although I must say that I have so many of things to talk about. I did make a few drafts in my pc but I am really in a rush now. I just came back from Sandakan for some course today and last week, I myself, conducted a course in Kota Marudu. The week before last week tool, Dr. Maximus visited our school and we were so busy preparing for the visit. And guess what, handled choir some more so please, sorry for not updating this blog.

I had a few draft of postings that I want to share namely The 1000 Voices Megaconcert which was held last month in Stadium Likas, some personal thoughts, a few things of my everyday's life and of course, our 50th Independent Day. Do check it out soon, if not sooner okay..
Hope to be able to post them as soon as possible.. Anyway, thx for the emails of comments, suggestions and advices which I appreciate very much.

I assure that AnakJagung is still much alive and still have much to talk about. Till then..