Some of the photos I've Taken

It doesn't bother me much to go to a Tamu. We have that every week in Sabah. For me, its an exotic place where I can see locals as well as some foreigners selling their stuftsa. Despite the hot and dry surrounding, its a place where we can practice our bargaining skill. Foremost, tamu really reminds me of my root. Don't you?

Another tamu photo...

More Tamu photo ...

Maybe, one of the most waited season is the Durian Seasoan. Durian aka The King of Fruit does have the attention now. Almost every where, we can see lorries loaded with durians. Markets here and there are filled with traders selling durians. As for me, I have the privilege of eating durians fresh from the tree itself, hehehehe :)

More Durians ... yummy finger lickin' good... huhuhu

Thank God, it' Durian season..