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Song of the Week - If that's ok with you

Wondering what song I'm listening to now, this is it..
Love this song so much..

If that's ok with you - Shayne Ward

I love the way that you look without your make up
I had a girl before we met but we broke up
There's something 'bout you that makes me want to step up
Step up and be with you
If that's ok with you

We'll keep the neighbours awake too late too late
'Cos imma make you feel so good that's how I see it happening
Yeah we'll keep the neighbours awake too late too late
'Cos baby I wanna step up and be with you
If that's ok with you

I'm gonna make you feel like you are heaven on earth
I'm gonna saint your mother just for giving you birth
I'm gonna wanna hold you in my arms when you cry
If that's ok with you
If that's ok with you

I wanna keep your toothbrush at my apartment
Make a second set of keys and ask you to move there
I'm not crazy
I know what I'm getting myself in
I wanna live with you
If that's ok with you
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