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Life is Tiring...

I guess some just want to call it a quit because life is mostly tiring. You have to work to gain something and sometime, what you want in life doesn't always come handy...

I am still building my life. I learn not to take responsibility for granted. I learn to laugh when I'm stressed and learn to keep quite when I'm happy. I guess that's what a part of life is. At times, I am so frustuated with my suroundings. Not that I want it to be perfect the whole time, but I just want it to go my way. Well, we can't always right...

This year is truly a year of hard work and patience for me. I don't like to work in which I have to be rude and harsh. That's really not me. But, as time went by, I learn to be firm and strict. Firm to what I believe is true and strict so that I can achieve my gold. True enough, I never know what's ahead of me but I would like to found out.

Work is going as I wanted it to be, tough. I think what most people would like to achieve in their carrier, is what I like to achieve for myself too. Having the highest pay you can get, being appreciated and being recongnized, being satisfied when you fullfill a duty... yeah, being praised for the good deeds you have done. You achievement. Your legacy to keep something to be used in the future...

Like I said, I am still building my life and hopefully, one day, one of these days, I can look back and be proud for the things I left behind, to be useful to other people...
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