Whats This and Whats That...?

What did u first do this morning after
you wake up?
- check my hp

- between lunch and tea time (what do
u call that?)

what did u do two hours ago?
- running here and there in the field

last sms u received until now?
- huhu nda selera.. sikit ja nasi sa..
kubis punya lauk warna merah ni.. mcm
ada kari..entah apa drg campur ni..

what song is in your heart now?
- tercipta untukku - ungu

ure u looking at?
- brylcreem gel

one foreign word u know, other than
- sawadikap

last statement u heard until 6 o'clock
- jumpa isuk

what do u call ur lover?
- syg

what is floccinaucinihilipilification?
- no idea, hahaha

what did yona says to u today?
- i dont have any friend by the name
of yona

last movie u saw?
- Gracie's choice

what are u good at?
- none in particular

where do u want to be now?
- keningau

cocaine or heroine?
- sorry, i dont do drugs

favourite stress drink?
- black russian

wheres ur brother now?
- i dont know

ur life in 10 years?
- have my own restaurant

what are u abt to do?
- mo ambil durian di kereta

have u been to the middle east?
- no, but would love to go one of
these days

name there of ur bestfriends?
- red, cyril n harry

what brand of lipstick u put on?
- i am so A man!

what can u hear now?
- sound of some people singing

where were u 7 days ago?
- here, same place i am now