It Was A Bliss, I was Blessed!

The CNY celebration was superb. One that I never had before. Maybe it's because I was one of the people who held it, or maybe so. The thing is, I never had a CNY celebration where I can get up close and personal to what CNY was a blast, for some people. Yes, I'm talking about the Lion Dance.

Maybe some of you are wondering why CNY and Ned? It's because, my half sister was married to a Chi guy and this year, they have decided to celebrate CNY at my sister own kampung, hehehe..

For me, it's not about the celebration itself but it was all about the love and bond that continented all of us. I really felt the love that day. The happiness of the togetherness. Yeah, the need to be together. Individuals coming together as a family.

All I want to say now is that my CNY was really a blast. Although I fell sick at the same time, still I can feel the love and bond that each one of us has. I have taken some photos and will upload it asap. Hope all of you can feel, in a way, what I'm feeling during the CNY, to what I call a gathering again.

It was a bliss and I was indeed blessed.