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Elparanza Soft Reunion (The Friendship) - 1st Day

I am really excited about this reunion. Maybe because I am the President and the organizer of the reunion. To be honest, there's a few limitation that I personally had to go through before organizing the reunion therefore. Finally, I can only manage to organize a Soft Reunion - Elparanza: The Friendship.
The reunion had been decided on a short notice actually. Why? Because Ab(s) of One In A Million Top 4 wanted to meet all of us! He's one of the Elparanza back in UMS and we were really proud of him.
So this is to say that the main objective of this gathering is to spend some times with him. At first, he told us that he'll be coming back on the 21st but had to postponed the flight to the 22nd due to a private party he should be attending.

It's less and a week before the reunion and plus I'm a bit far from the net but I really try to do my part as the organizer and luckily, a friend of mine which is also an Elparanza agreed to become the host. Thanks to him, I can focus on other things.
To make the story short, we gathered at Oasis Seafood Centre in KK Plaza. Only a few showed up - Jennifer, Boy, Puma, Vero, Harry and myself at first. I was informed that Mimie, Coco, Kelly, Rina, Hani, Ricky and Pai couldn't make it. They gave rather acceptable reason that is. Mimie has to attend some kenduri arwah in Sandakan, Coco is working out-station in Keningau, Kelly is busy with her work in Tambunan, Rina and Hani are in KEKWA which is in KL, Ricky is working in Sarawak and Pai is in Johor.
We will be meeting BB, Openk and Tang tommorow night and Cynda will be showing up as well as Neng. It's just a small group, 21 including our Sifu but only 14 showed up. I felt a bit frustuated but it's better than never kan...

After the groceries shopping, we headed to Kinarut where Joe is waiting. We were joined by another friend, another Harry (we have two Harry-ies who join us). It was already 6 p.m. when we reach the Kinarut.

Accept the two Harry-ies, all of us are the official Elparanza but friends are always welcome to attend this gath. Harry 1 is my cousin which happen to have another friend by the name of Harry (we call him Harry 2) and both of them had been a really good awesome sport.

These are amongst the photos that I've taken on the 1st day. We vowed kunun tidak mau tidur sebab mahu tunggu flight Abs esok. None of us keep our vow! Hahaha..

Puma sings his own song

Playing cards while waiting for the food (Harry2, Ned, Harry1 and Boy)

Jennifer, Joe and Boy

"I'm not a girl, not yet a woman..." hehehehe... C Jennifer (popo) yang sedang nyanyi...

Something went wrong the day after.

2nd day of the gathering is at stake? ...huhuhu..


Till then...

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