Enough ALready!

A bit disturbed by the political scenarion in Malaysia now, that is.
Not that this blog is all about politic but I prefer to discuss current issues that we can all relate to. At leastlah..

Well, I'm back again. Sorry for not updating this blog for quite some times. Been busy with sports and some courses. Really hate the weather now but who to blame? It's all about the Global Warming.

Some cool stuffs awaits in my next to come posting guys.

I was in Tenom a couple of weeks ago, finally. Longed to visit the place since it's quite near to Keningau which then, quite near to Tambunan. Never been there yet, before that. And it's nice to finally be there.
So enought about the political thing.
Very much working now. Whatever I serve, I love Sabah so much!