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I Cutted Myself!

I accidently cutted myself last night in my palm. Blood were pouring like rain. There's so much blood and I felt dizzy. Forced myslf to rest early last night :(

I tried to hide it from my mom but she eventually saw it and became worried because it's a deep wound plus, it was in the palm, the end of every vein in the body. The blood won''t stop easily but being macho (kunula) I got up to my bed and just cover and try to stop the bleeding by applying antiseptic and covering it with tissue, the whole night. My mom did, several times, went to my room to check but I said the cut is ok and there's no reason for me to go to clinic. She wanted it to be 'sewed'... Huhuhuhuhu...

Actually, it's a big cut. About 2 inches long and I can see my own flesh. And it' kinda deep!
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eiiii...buli pingsan sy nampak darah ni.hrp2 ok sdh la ko punya wound tu k..

uiiiii.... napa buli luka? ko putung sayur ka bawang? astaga, len kali jan lagi p dapur kama... ko p ruang tamu jak trus stop d sana saja, jan tambus sampai dapur...nanti luka lagi hahahaha....

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