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Ni Yang Saya Malas Ni!

Yesterday, because I was a bit tired, I went to sleep early. At least I think it that way la because something had happened during the night. I don't know on what specific time it was when I suddenly I heart a "pritpitpitput" sound behind my closet.
Dijadikan cerita, pada mulanya, saya fikir tu bunyi elektrik yang mungkin ada masalah tapi bila lama-lama, I decided to take a look. When I switch on the light, to my surprise, there's a two rats sedang berusaha menerobos masuk ke dalam almariku! Being so mad, saya terus tendang tu tikus (tapi dalam keadaan was-was juga sebab takut kalau kena gigit, jadilah saya hybrid Ratman, huhuhu). Then the two rats ran up to the ceiling and disappear. I waited for the to come out but there's no sign of them. Was so mad, so disturbed and so not good.

Then this morning, saya belilah gam tikus and now anxious waiting samada tikus-tikus keparat tu akan terjerat atau tidak. Fyi, I put some biscuits on top of the glue.

I hope I would be able to catch the rats because if I fail, then habislah harta benda dalam bilik ini.. huhuhuhu..
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