Tenom You Guys

I have visited, almost the entire Land of the Wind. Terbaru, I went to Tenom a few weeks ago. Just a short trip but the Taman Pertanian was superb and a must-visit-destination. And there's 7E in Tenom I tell you. Who said Sabah is way back? Huhuhu..

OK, maybe I am being paranoid but I love Sabah so much. Like the community, like the uniqueness she has, love the people (AFUNDI STACY, hahaha), like everything about it. To that, I am so proud being a Sabahan - and when I said so, proud to be a Malaysian

Not like some people yang sudah p Philipine (cis ko gurangak, JELES). Hahahaha...
Well, here's a few photos I like to share with you guys.

The Entrance of Taman Pertanian Tenom

Taman Pertanian Tenom

Or so it should be called...???This is...??? Hahaha...A Glance... A view... The Pasarz.. hehehehe


GuRaNgAk said…
Wah mau pigi la ni.. Blm pernah smpi lagi Taman Pertanian Tenom..