The FIRST 50s in My Life

Copied and modified from Jerryinc ( who "plagiarized this from somewhere but somehow lost its original link"
Happy Reading people :)

1. First Memory?
God, can't trace the memory lane.. Hahaha..

2. First Pet
My dog named Rambo. Was waiting for the bus with my mom when Rambo was ran by a car infront of our eyes. It died a moment later. I missed out school, my mom applied for a leave and my father came home early from work. We burried Rambo at the back of our house and yes, I was so sad that I could never have another pet just because I'm scared that it will soon die.

3. First Embarrassing Moment
I was a 6 years old kindergarten kid during that time. I had a stomach-ache and couldn't answer the call of nature in its appropriate place and I 'have' to do it over my pants. God, that's embarrassing!

4. First “Best Friend”
The Televisyion. I spent, almost all the time, being alone at house when I was till a kid. The nearest neighbours are about half kilometres away and I am too lazy to walk there just to get kicked and punched! The'kids' who used to do that to me are still there now, doing nothing. And I am writing my own blog!

5. First Night Away from Home
I'm not really sure. But maybe during camping at Pantai Dantai, Kota Belud. It's not like camping anyway. I brought my 'bantal paluk', my blanket etc. Who said you can't bring your home any where... hahahaha

6. First Love
A girl named Afsa. Hahaha... We were co-monitors in our class during Primary 1. I remembered I bought her 20sen mee-hun... Hahahaha.. She move to Tawau when we were Primary 2 and I never saw her since. I have no idea where she is currently...

7. First Unrequited Love
My blind date I have during school days. Chatted with this girl, pretty in photos but when finally we decided to meet up, she's nothing like the photos she sent. Moral to all, please don't fool yourself over the internet because you'll never know what's going to happen next. Be honest and people will be honest to you too. And the moral to me, be sensible in judging people especially those I will be meeting from the internet!

8. First Unreturned Love
This is another humiliating experience. Like this girl in my class and I thought she likes me too but I found out, she's into my best friend! You know how you share things with your best pal? We're still cool though, right until now.

9. First Kiss
Hahahaha.. I could never forget this. I was 16 and the girl was 17. She's married to an Aussie now but i got the first kiss! It was passionately, erm... let me keep that to myself :p

10. First Bike
Primary 4, 10 years old to be exact. I came home this one fine day and I saw a BMX parked near my father's car. Without a second thought, grabbed the bike and cycled away. Yes, it was for me!

11. First Car
Don't really have a car. The car I'm using now belongs to my mom but I use it on my everyday plus night basis. I call her Baby. Its technically mine, I think, because I pay for the loan. Really had a sweet bitter moments with Baby because apart from being in my room, being with her and browsing around is a way for me pass the time.

12. First Time on a Motorcycle
Huhuhuhu... amongst my darkest moment was being on a motorcycle. I really don't want to elaborate more :(

13. First Plane Trip
When I was 15, joining some Youth event in Kuching, Sarawak. I frowned when the plane started to move. I feel like vomitting inside the plane too.. thank God I didn't

14. First Trip Abroad
To the Free Land of Thailand with Air Asia, of course, back in 2005.But not until the 2nd time beind there did I really enjoyed the trip. My blog header photo was taken during that 2nd trip where I really really REALLY walked the street of Bangkok being a backpacker.

15. First Job
I'm a bit confused with this questions. First job as in what? I remembered I help my uncle renovating his house suring semestar break back when I was a Form 3 student. I got paid. Being a Security Guard for Wong Kwok Group while waiting for my SPM and a part timer at Shang-ri La Rasa Ria, Tuaran. Am I embarassed? Back then, yes but now, I think, it's for a greater good. I am more confident in my every day life and I know some people, famous people and not-so famous people that I can connect with. I shaked hands with Datuk Wong Kwok himself, the founder of Wong Kwok Group.

16. First Apartment
Not yet but looking forward to have one. I wish...

17. First Furniture Purchased New
My book shelf. I like reading books and I have a large collection of books, fiction and non-fiction. I'm thinking of buying another shelf as what I have now wouldn't fit anymore.

18. First Regret
I don't know and I'm not sure. Not that I don't regret any thing but there's so many things I regret not doing and for doing it.. So many...

19. First Fight
Haiyo, what kind of question is this... Hahahaha...
Let me recall it, I just can't. Too much fight in my life, indoors and outdoors :)

20. First Big Book Report
Does Action Research (AR) counts? It's a research I did when I was doing my practicum..

21. First Scar
I got a few stitches on my foot because I like to play with my dad's parang, and on the head. Something that every boy have, I think. Scar on the head... hehehehe...

22. First Surgery
This is scary. The scar of my head, it has 6 stitches. Blood was everyway and mother was crying.

23. First Hospital Stay
Food poison. Form 5. I also witnessed a man died while I was at the hospital. We talk this one day but at the same night, he passed away. He sleeps beside my bed. Life is a blink of an eye, I then realize...

24. First Automobile Accident
Form 1, driving without license.. I almost hit a cyclist. It was an extreme nightmare!

25. First Trip to the Emergency Room
In my case, sending a student of mine in the ER.. but eh, the stitches on foot and head count juga ba kan?

26. First Religious Experience
Brought up in rather a religious family but not quite now, hahaha. For this question, I would say, when I was baptized.. hehehehe

27. First Album
Boyzone's Love Me For A Reason -
Don't love me for fun girl,
Let me be the one girl,
Love me for a reason,
Let the reason be love...

28. First Arena Concert
Aduh... , I wish!

29. First Concert
Never been to any real concert... sedih...

30. First Movie That Scared the Shit Out of Me
The Eyes - Chinese Movie

31. First Movie I Saw More Than Once
Da Vinci Code - Watch its premier with friends forgetting that I promised another group friends to watch it the next day. Come that day, I act like I knew nothing. But its a good movie though.

32. First Theft
30 sen from my dad's briefcase. Was punish!

33. First Run - In the Law

34. First Vote in a Public Elections
This year - 2008. Don't know who to vote until I marked X on the paper

35. First Public Nudity
Hahahahaha - Pay me 1 million first!

36. First Time Being Drunk
I say 15. During CNY at my cousin's place.

37. First Death of Family Member or Friend
2000 - The Y2K, they call it. First my sister-in-law on Sept then my father on Dec. Sad-stupid year. Changed my life forever and learn to be a matured adult! Really miss my dad...

38. First Illegal Drug Use
Huhuhuhuhuhu. I won't tell otherwise I would be living behind bars.. hahahaha.. Nah, never.

39. First Funeral
My grandma's funeral. Huhuhuhu...

40. First Wedding
I really can't recall. Been to so many wedding..

41. First Time I Felt “Like an Adult”

Living without a dad...

42. First time I Grieved
Remember Rambo? I think Rambo made me grieve for the first time

43. First Forced Apology
Primary 4. My English Teacher ask me to say sorry to a friend who flipped over his desk because I wanted my comic back in which he took without my permission. I feel like punching him on the eye!

44. First Time I Was Impressed with Myself
UPSR - it openned the eyes of the public the existence of Ned!

45. First Bad Haircut
Remember the scar of my head? I think, that was my first bad haircut.

46. First Time Being Grounded
Never been grounded. I don't think many parents in Malaysia practice this.

47. First Piece of Clothing I Loved
A yellow body fitted Nike shirt.. Someone stole it when I was staying in hostel.

48. First Realization that Not Everyone Else is Like Me
When I help my classmate doing his homework...

49. First Computer Encounter
Form 1 I think. We have a formal Computer Class back then.

50. First Fight With A Teacher
I look up to every good teacher but I must say that I don't like fighting with someone I respect. But if you insist, my first fight with a teacher - a warden in my school. He gave too much power to the Hostel Committe and gave them right to expel anyone. I confronted the Committe and they threaten to expel me. I met up with the warden, conveyed my dissatisfaction and that night, the commitee changed! And I was one of them... Not that I want to but I just want to defend my 'not so lucky friends'... You see, I am a Humanitarian..

These are the FIRST 50s in my life. It's good to remember but it's better to learn from it..


XiGorX said…
I wouldn't know how to react if one of my puppies die...Sad to know about Rambo...

just happened to pass by..
Ned said…
yeah.. thx xigorx...
urang ranau said…
ok will curi this fr you k anak jagung...sbb sy kekeringan idea time ni cuti2..hehehhee (curi pun mo kastau) :p