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Elparanza Soft Reunion (The Friendship) - 2nd Day

The Elparanza
Back - From left - Harry1 (Mr. DO to be), Boy (Mr. Punctual),
Abs (4th of OIAM 08), Joe ( the Host), Ned (Mr. Elparanza President)
Front - From left - Puma (Freelance Singer), Vero (Ms. Unduk Ngadau), Popo (singer, song writer), BB ( Ms. Beautiful Psychiatrist) and Harry2 (Apprentice Engineer)

From Elparanza Soft Reunion (The Friendship) - 1st day

I woke up, maybe, half before 9 a.m. My head is spinning and I felt dizzy. But I have to send Harry2 to SMC to have his leg reviewed by the doctor. Everybody was up except Harry1 who is still babily asleep on the couch.

Puma, Connie and Boy.

I think everybody is still flat, especially the guys. I know I am. Everybody is quite at first but Puma has already done with the breakfast. Excellent cooking I must say. Thx Pum.

Still, I have to send Harry2. While Harry2 was driving, I noticed something weird. As if something is scratching my the brake of my car. I soon realized that my brake pads is getting thinner and it had already touches the disc brake. I remind myself to change it after Harry2's review.

I was at the hospital by then, when I call Abs asking him his whereabout. To my surprise, he'll be arriving at 12.40 noon, which was about 1 hour earlier that what he told us before. Then I called Popo asking them to get ready before noon. I thought the review will take some time to finish so I decided to take a nap but before I manage to do that, Harry2 was already in front of me. To shorten the story, we were about half and hour late to the aiport. hehehehe... I drive slowly due to my brake condition. Can't fix it because of time constraint. And while I was suddenly a slow driver that day, as if every is also slow too. When we arrived at the airport, Abs was already standing there, waiting and cursing..

From left - Harry2, Harry2, Popo, Vero, Joe, Boy, Ned, Abs, Puma. Picture taken by BB. This photo was taken at Tanjung Aru Beach 2.

Next on my blog - sharing and sharing and more sharing. And the night outing was a memory worth remembering!

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