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Happy Birthday To Me!

It's like this, most of the time, of the year. Maybe it's because of the Global Warming that had become an issue for quite sometimes, it's getting even hotter everyday. The temperature increases and the day after is always hotter and dryer than before. Then, it gets windy and a little bit of shower here and there and sometimes heavy rain during the late afternoon. Yes, it's like this, almost everyday.

Been busy again, as usual. Learning how to cope with the stress every now and then. It's my birthday, you see. I should be celebrating. I've been planning for that very day you see. How 'not too fancy and not too dull' kinda party that I would put up. Yeah, some snacks and drinks, perhaps some beers etc too. And friends wishing me happy birthday, giving me gifts and things like that. Just the typical party most of us would want to.

Then, come that day. I was busy and busy and busy until I totally forgot about the party that I should put up for myself. Was so frustuated and so sad.

But I realized one thing. Being like this, means focus and focus and more focus. I should not let myself down just because of some party. In the nutshell, it doesn't matter at all. I still have a long way to go and a lot of time to party, if I wish to. Then, I sat and glanced at myself. Wishing myself a very happy birthday - my 1st anniversary of working, learning to be more responsible, for the years to come.
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Happy Birthday la... May the best happen to you everyday...

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