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Suicide Attempt?!

Remember the kidnapped-raped case of the UMS student? I heard from a trusted source that the girl had attempt suicide! Thanked God she'd fail to do so. She's still alive. Although my source coulndn't exactly provide me with the latest information of the girl's wherabout, I hope the girl will be okay. She must be feeling miserable now. Damn those to idiots@satans@morrons@stupidos! !!!

Reading back the story of the kidnapped-raped case, I feel proud to know that our fellow citizens from Tambunan had done their part in co-operating with the authorities to apprehend the two Satans. But, it's a shock and I am really heart-broken, regret and unsatisfied with the sentence given to them.

It's the life of the poor girl we are talking about here. She suffered so much and I don't think it's easy for her to retain her normal life despite all she had been through.

I don't know.. I usually good with words but I just can't find the right one to express what I'm feeling now...

God, show some mercy to her. Let her see the light even if it's the thinnest of all so that she can get well, even better than before. Let's pray for her people... Let's pray for her...
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realistically speaking, she might not even recover from the trauma itself. all she can think of doing now is to get away from everyone, even family...

unless she deals with the trauma intelligently, it wont be a surprise if she actually did commit suicide within this next few weeks :).

i think the media played a role in fueling her emotions, although her anonymity was maintained but the report that she was forced to perform fellatio to the bastards is embarrassing enough even to family standards. isnt it bad enough that their family members knew she was raped?

i can picture her becoming more anti-social by the minute (not to mention fear of strangers) and losing her mind as the clock ticks.

sad, may those heartless and all insensitive bastards get what they deserves...hahaha.

there are few possibilites to this outcome:
1. she does commit suicide and succeeds.
2. she loses her mind
3. she develops a new fear/phobia
4. she'll start detesting men
and lastly...
5. she might think of it as a compensation to what happened to her by sleeping around hahaha

(man, i am being mean arent i? anyways, just stating the possibilities :P. dont hate me for that hahaha)

nice comment..
yeah,the 5 possiblities can be true in a way...

i hope che can recover to the better and be strong woman in the future...

to the stupid duos, your whole life will be sucks!

from my own point of view, I think she will recover..not in anytime sooner though..God's will..anyway, that tragic incident has scarred her life..and she will be carrying that burden forever..PRAY, that's one thing we can do for her..

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