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Bloggers Jailed?

Since blogging now is a common thing, many people seems to have at least one blog. As many bloggers treat blogging as an online diary, it allows the cyber community to potray their everyday's life. It also allows them to meet and connect with new friends in a more interesting way.

As globalization endorse critical thinking, the cyber community had moved forward, in conjunction with the paradigm shift, blogs are not just an 'online-diary' but are now a method for people to express their mind and thoughts, views and oppinions. I believe that every people have the right to express their mind but I also believe that, not every of it is as 'right' and as 'correct' as it may seems.

It is not shocking to know that our blogs now are carefully monitored by the authorities. In most term, the word 'mis-use' might be the best word to describe the usage of blogs nowadays, as they may call it. As blogging were once very personal, now it has become a world issue. In Malaysia itself, where blogging are still consider new to some people (by right it is not), the usage of blogging seems rather discreet. Nevertheless, recent election shows the usage of blogs as a method to propose agendas in politic and only after that does the givernment realize how influential the cyber communities will be.

Personally for me, I have my own rights to use my blog in whatever means I prefer it to be. I am very caferul in my posts, be the vocabulary choice, headings or any graphic materials.
We know that the first Malaysian bloggers is being held custody. It's something that we as bloggers should pay concern to - learn from.

I just want 'people' out there to understand, bloggers are people with criticial thinking. Bloggers are those fancy people who wanted to express their thoughts freely. Bloggers are smart people. I really want blogger friends out there to be more analytical in posts for the betterment of the country and criticizing smartly where appropriate.

Let's us be a responsible bloggers, proving that Malaysian Bloggers especially Sabahan Bloggers are those bloggers with determination to preserve integrity and act as catalysts to build a better cyber world. Let us all...
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