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My Birthday

It's a combined birthday actually (Ned 22 May, Roger 24th May and Red 28th May). Sure made my birthday party a little more speciall this year because I shared it with two other friends and or course, some of my many good and close friends.
A little disturbed, knowing the fact that I'm getting older by the minute but I realize, the world grew older with you and there's not point of getting worried... Although, honestly, I'm a bit scared.. Hahaha.. Nevertheless, I am happy to be able to celebrate my birthday again this year. Put up a small party to a few close friends...

These are some of the photos I would like to share with you...

My Cake For You.. hehehehe...

Standing - Ned, Roger, Red, Cyril, Chong lelaki and Gel
Sitting - Clay, Brenda, Ros (tutup mata dia, huhuhu) Chong Wanita, Liana
Actually, it's a combined birthday, all in one go (Red, Roger and Ned)

Our Cake!

The Three B'day Boys!

Finish my watermelon juice..

Ambil gambar ma Sumandaks...

Ambil gambar ma kawan2 lelaki..

Tunggu start games tapi kenyang betul ni...

Ko ambil gambar saya, saya ambil gambar ko... sama2la kita ambil gambar ... hehehe

Rest jap... Kenyang... Thanks God

Black Forest Cake...

Ni la makanan yang sempat kami p makan... hehehehe...
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Wah :D Happy Birthday 3 of you :D nice photo and happy everybody is smile.. wahhh happy birthday 22,24,28 ok.. 6D hehehe...

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