Red Alert: A Thorn Among The Roses!

Something we Sabahans need to pay attention to is the never ending issue of the illegal imigrants (PTI). I don't know for sure if Datuk Ronal Kiandee really means what he said or was he just 'teasing' the authorities for being not really serious into the matter, for a long time already. For me, he should explain his action to the public especially to Sabahan community his reason(s) of "having rejected the motion on the proposal to set up the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigrants in Sabah".

Maybe he's not really walking down the street where these group of people could be seen. I'm sure most of us agree that these group of people are not just 'sitting' but in most criminal cases which had happened in Sabah were because of that particular group. It's a very unhealthy for the locals and most of us, even myself, are scared when being with these people at times especially during night.

Negative impact also could be seen in economy where these people actually 'filled' the vacancies we have causing the number of unemplyment increase. Despite the fact that locals should be more proactive in finding job, these people really work hard to fit themselves in Sabah. Then again, most of them are also jobless, causing them to steal, rob or even break into people's house. Don't he sees all these things?

But maybe there's what we call as 'political agenda(s)' behind all these things, yes? We never know because as if the the Parliment and DUN are the only place that such as these things were being discussed but details were not narrowed down to the public. Is it or isn't it?

Being transparent, I really hope the authorities will at least explain to the public in whatever action taken upon Sabah, the precious Land Below The Wind. This is my land and I own every little soil in it, every little moment of it and everything of it!

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E-Tavasi said…
Kesian juga muka dia kena post macam nie hehehe :D if we want to kick this man.. out from Sabah.. we can do it peace fully.. but what to do..:D maybe lot's of people don't like this person anymore... bah apa lagi...
Kay said…
D, sa sukung ko 101% kalo ko naik calon nanti pilihanraya nanti2..kasi ganti ni urang..aso tutok!