Anak Jagung's Calender

It may seems fun and enjoying but holidays without appropriate planning can bring to the worst boredoom ever! As these past weeks had been great, talking about my holidays, I would like to share my calender within these 2 weeks.

24th May - Pesta Kaamatan Kota Marudu
30th May - Family Gathering Tambunan
31st May - KDCA Hongkod (*)
2nd June - Airport
6th June - KE Gath (*)
7th June - Papar (*)
9th June - Back to work

The marked (*) indicated 'subject to change'... hehehe....

Actually, I just want to write something in my blog. Due to the time constraint that I face now, I hardly able to update my blog. So much to do yet so little time to spend...


V.R said…
HI friend very nice blog.i wish u to continue.i am looking forward to see u in blog.bye ha ha hahaha........