A Day At One Borneo

Browsing around One Borneo for the first time feels like I was walking in Midvalley+KLCC+MBK (Mambungkrong Complex). Although the place is still under construction, it really feels great to have such a place in our beloved Land Below The Wind.

Yes, it might not be the greatest building in Malaysia, but hey, we have the least of that here and we should be proud of it. I know I am.
These are some of the photos that I took via my handphone..

The way to the parking lot

Ground floor...

Coupon counter - you need to change your cash to
coupons before dining - similar to MBK, Bangkok
The view of the food court..
From western to Asian, from contemporary cooking to traditional cuisines

How the coupon looks like..

Personal favourite - Vegetarian food...

Anyone care for a Marry-go-round? hehehe

We don't have any roller coaster, yet, but we have this...

This is like a muzium.. To enter, you have to pay, when you're in, sad, it's actually more to a shop. I mean, they sell things. I don't get this kind of shop sometimes...

Yeah, ask before you enter - then you know

This view look similar to KLCC

GSC for seats of movies..

Movies anyone?

This is how GSC looks like from side view

Way to the ground floor..
Experiencing the view..
Ok, this doesn't amazed me much but, yeah, there's always room for an Oreo Cheese Cake

Another view to be viewed, hahaha...
The stage..

There are a few shopping complex that are still under construction and I am certainly looking forward to 'feel' the existence of KK Times Square!


urang ranau said…
wah thanks sebab post ni gambar 1 borneo...yalah ada urg belum ada chance mo pigi.tepa la nnt bulan 9 i'll be back..sia pun mo round2 1 Borneo..
hushMONKEY said…
ko g OB, ko x bw sy ah... sumbung owh ko skang... mcm 'lupa kwn' ne...

btw, honestly i don't like the whole layout of OB. loads of good brands, BUT it needs a 'proper' layout.

OB is good for those who wanted to workout. they can simply walk around the mall, and burn the fat out. haha!
Mrs. Ezman said…
Ned, rajin jg ko pi ambil pic oneborneo ni ah. hehe