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KE Gath (6th June 2008)

Guess who? Hehehehe

First of all, I want to say congratulation to the organizer of the gath. It was indeed a fun, enjoying and what's the word, 'educating' experience to be able to be a part of the gath. The gath was held at Pusakag Cafe, Donggongon, 5th of June, 2008. Started earlier, we're only there a few minutes after 9pm maybe.

Won myself Terry's Melting Pot Album - Cool album I should say - kepenatan menari shuffle yang sa nda2 tau ni

Upon our arrival, people were already drinking and singing and of course having fun. Met a few of our very own local KaDus singers - Clare Petrus Edwin, Ateng, Danny, Vincent, Terry (presented me his very own 'Melting Pot' album), Betsy Michael, Justin, Fredo KDM etc... Yeah, it was great meeting and spending sometime with them. Even met with some of our blogger friends like Bobby, Smallville, lihing81, Gidong (the Mr. Kaamatan), Fredo KDM again etc...

Vince and Betsy duet lagu Ceritera CInta

Some of them were not that of stranger to me like Gidong, Lihing, Betsy, Clare, Vince as memang kenal diorang ni dari dulu lagi.

Some of the guys, hehehe.. nakal...

To make it as a posting, honestly, the gath was great. The place was prefect and the MC was entertaining as well. The games were good and enjoying and the presents were cool. It's not like always you got a free album ok. In my case, won myself Terry Peter's Pot Melthing Album. Participated in a few game - the sumazau and the shuffle -


I think the Mr. Kaamatan contest was the climax of the gath but not the end of the gath. The jurors ended up picking Gidong as Mr. Kaamatan of the KE gath this year, as I expected. Congrats to him again.

Ateng and I...

We left early that night, about, nearing 1am I think, but the place was still crowded. One reason was because, my cousin and I, will have an early call the next morning and because, sorry to say, it happened that, a few people had been an anti-climax to the gath. Somehow somewhere, people were doing their own things and some, boldly, did something that was extremely disturbing. I mean, it's not the organizers' fault as every soul that night should know how to put discipline to their very best, regardless how drunk and how daring brave they were.

This is the KE gath we're talking about and as a fellow Kadus supporter, even if it was my first time in joining in, I don't think it's appropriate for that certain people to behave in a such a way. At least, not there, not that time and certainly, not in front of the public! To those who was there reading this , they will certainly know what I am talking about.

Finalists Mr. Kaamatan ...

Nah, c gidong yang mo kana tuba suda ni sebab dia menang Mr. Kaamatan... hehehehe

Nevetheless, I still support the KE industry. A few people doesn't reflect nor does is represent the KE community in general but I just hope, things like what happened the other night, would not be happening again...
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hello anakjagung...tq sebab publish tu KE punya ada pembetulan skit la, bukan 5hb tapi 6hb mei ahh...ehhehe...anyway thanks again dan harap dapt jumpa kamu tie annual gath nanti bulan oktober k...c u there...BIKINNN PANASSSS...from Ronney ajim.

Emm..I am here too. Yup.. I am agree with ya' brother. Well, sometime people are being un-controlled whenever they are drunk.. too much drink the alcohol. Yeah, I was there too and try to settle a little bit things ..i mean, that bad thing.. and the troubled guy is too much action at that night. Well done to you bro for being active too and being the true KE member.. join us for next gath.. :)

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