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Yes, Kami bah JUARA.. Lagi!

I love camping. It is one my hobby and I enjoyed it very much. Not matter how hard it would be like, I know I will smile whenever I recall the memories back. I come to understand that the hardship we face during camping were the spices of what I am now. And no matter how hard those time might be, being what I am now, I got to enjoy the experience once again. And this time, our yearly School Camping was held at Ostrich Village, Rampayan, Kota Belud.
I really want to help them building up the camp. I am very good at it, you see, hahaha. But being just a facilitator, I can only instruct them to do as planned. All of the facilitators agreed upon being letting the students decide for themselves, what they want to do and what they want to build. I am happy to say, my students did give their best in this camping!

Setting up the fence...

"Sir, like this kah?"
"Bah Sir tingu2 kita tu, buat kamu kerja. Capat!"

"Macamana suda yang kana ajar tu ah? Saya lupa suda ni.."
"Oh begini ba ni kan Sir?"
Saya betul2 mahu ikut serta buat ni gadget derang tapi saya kena patuh dengan syarat yang kami telah persetujui. Kami hanya boleh melihat dan memberi cadangan tapi tidak boleh membantu..

Masa ni saya betul2 rasa kesungguhan derang. Saya dapat lihat masa saya sekolah dulu. Saya dapat rasakan semangat derang yang berkobar2. Saya harap, apa yang telah dirancang akan menjadi sebab kalau kami menang lagi tahun ni, kami menang untuk kali keduanya, dua tahun berturut2!
Kami dengan strategi kami sendiri: Pertandingan memasak..

Something that I learn from a friend, passed it to my fellow students..
The result!

Pengadil sedang mengadili masakan, hehehe. Untung derang...

Our expertise, First Aid and Bandaging!

Pertandingan Ikat-ikatan: Membuat tangga..

Bersedia untuk knot tying and first aid..

This is one of the hardest task that they have to do, I think. Under the hot sun, they worked their best in building this sand castle. I prepared the plan for it and although it didn't look as planned but we won, eventually!

One of my colleague
inspesting our Sand Castle - PBSM Castle of Hope
Pengakap punya sand castle

Ni pula KRS punya sand castle..

Pergerakan Puteri Islam pun ada buat juga...

The Four Kingdoms, hehee

Another view...

"Apa yang ko suruh derang buat ni? Macam lain bentuk dia, hehe..."
"Anu baini, simbolik harapan, hehehe..."
Using recycle bottles for their Malam Kebudayaan. Derang buat Skesta Musical dalam bentuk pentomen. Ada video ni. Patutkan saya kasi upload sini ah...? Tapi kualiti dia tidak berapa baguslah. Lagipun masa ni, hujan renyai2... Nasib kami dalam dewan juga.
Choir PBSM
Adengan sedang buat kajian dari pokok Jetropa yang berpotensi dijadikan bio-diesel
And finally, we won for the 2nd time, two times in a row. Being apart of this event really move me. I really know the meaning of sharing in the context of teaching and learning. In many ways, although I don't think winning is everything, I hope my fellow students learn that co-operation, understanding, teamwork and good preparation will always lead to a betterment of achievement. I know I have learn that years ago...
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mcm mna mo masak dlm tin tu..? mcm siuk pula..

macam besa juga... ala2 kena panggang ba tu.. hehehe..

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