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Bloggers Gathering 2008 - Imperial Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Yes, I admit. I was late again, for the second time. Some, remember me for that. But I have my reasons. But, I was there - was apart of the gathering. Heheh.. and here are some of the photos I managed to snapped.

Sabahan Bloggers Gath 2008
Yeah rite David...

Jerry and Ned...

Kupi, two beautiful ladies (sorry, i forgot their names) Jerry and me.. hehehe

Ned and Joane...

Ned and my cousin, hars..

Jacq with hubby and Ned...
Overall for me, the gath was well organized. Couldn't say much but I think the MCs was great and managed to deliver well. Bloggers were friendly but I didn't have much time to browse around as I was late. My cousin and I reached in the midst of the the lucky draw.. So kesian kan...
But it was good. I mean, still got to see some bloggers friends, traced the memory lane.. hehehe... Met new friends as well... I mean, yeah, as bloggers, we were indeed friends, but meeting them face to face, was really a different thing...
I want to say thanks to Jacq for the patience to wait for me. I cancelled my attendance a few minutes before 6 p.m. that evening but later decided to go for it as it was a once in a blue moon event.. Although I reached Imperial Hotel at about half past 9, I still occupied myself with the enviroment. Yeah, very true.. Roof-top restaurant is indeed a nice place to spent time with family and friends.. Nice venue, organizers!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaqg and hubby especially, the organizers, sponsors (was given goody bags), blogger friends and of course God for blessing my journey. It was indeed a very fun, enjoying and interesting event to be held. Surely looking forward to the next year's gath. To Kupi and Jacq, sorry, nda dapat join program kamu.. Next time la ah...
To all Sabahan bloggers, happy blogging ah.. I still doesn't agree with the oppinion bloggers are people with no life - no, I decline!
11 Comment(s):

ned..siok ko ada pi ni gathering ahh! mau pi, tapi x dpt huhu

yabah... kalau ko ada,ada juga kawan sa sana.. sikit ja yang sa kenal.. sa datang pun lambat juga ni... huhuhu

eh..ko kenal si joan ka...she's my junior here in kamu kan..seh....napa si jerry nampak purut..haha..

hehehe... kenal ba c joane tu.. dia buat ROS time sa praktikal dulu hehehe....

c jerry tunjuk seksi ba tu.. heheh.. bukan selalu... hehehe

"I still doesn't agree with the oppinion bloggers are people with no life - no, I decline!"

1st time pula sa tau ada urang pikir gini..

well, blogger has a LIFE other then REAL LIFE.. which is FUN and FREE..:D

Happy Blogging!

Thx for the trouble of coming to the event juga Ned. :)

are the both of us are having some kind of crisis? i'm still oblivious with your 'MIA'ness...

well, i was there when you were down. but, were you there when i needed a friend?

ooops! sy mengungkit ka ne?

first time i heard people say that bloggers are people with no life was during the 1st bloggers meeting (formerly known as KK bloggers meeting) last year.. hehehe..

yeah, bloggers are people with life.. and we have the chance to tell it to other people in the most interesting and fun way.. hehehe

bagus lagi ko ned, wpun lambat tp tatap datang..bukan mcm sia ni.uhuk uhuk..

'bloggers are people with no life' apaini? apaini? Ned kastau sepa cakap ni? duiii... The main reason I'm bloggin' is bcoz I got too much things in my life and I wanna share it with others... ba mana2 durg punya pendapat durg punya suka la...

ntahlah sepa tu reno.. dulu time 1st blogger meeting, ada beberapa orang cakap macam tu tapi i dont agree.. heheh.. for me, we have so many things to share o kan... hehehe...

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