Magnificent. Extravaganza. Grand. Spectacular. Memorable.

That's what I can say. Yes, I am talking about the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics at the National Stadium on August 8, 2008 in Beijing, China. It was indeed magnificent, extravaganza, grand, spectacular and memorable.
Futuristic Perfomance as a long time dreams for Mainland Chinese
And who doesn't know Lang Lang, the famous pianist from China?

One of the Art perfomance. Spectacular!

Performers with sailing boat pictured

Paper Scroll. One of the first invention of china. They also invented the paint, compass

Taiji (Tai-chi) performance. Magnificent!

A beautiful dancer potraying the beautiful silk of China

Bird nest - symbolizing China as once a 'closed' country

Lang Lang with a talented little girl playing the piano

A globe, representing the countries built up Olympic and China as its host this year

A young performer flying in the air...

Traditional chinese puppet with traditional chinese orchestra

Human block - China as the inventer of paper

Performance from the anciet warrior of China. Grand!

One of my favourite performance of the night

A 'massive' view!

The Raising of the China Flag

Drum performance, as usual..

An outside view from the Stadium

Countdown begun...

Again, a must performance of the Dragon Dance

Drum performance

And there goes the Olympic!
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urang ranau said…
Ned said…
ya, very... ko teda tingu ko urang ranau?
Ned said…
theres so many 'pics' sa ambil tapi ni ja yang sa mampu upload.. heheeh..
Jovita said…
Anonymous said…
Memang menakjubkan masa opening ceremony tu sehingga ditabalkan sebagai pembukaan olimpik yang paling hebat selama ini! Sa pun teda tingu juga sbb berebut channel sm anak2 :D

Tapi satu kecacatan yg dilaporkan di sini