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Congrats Coco!!

Hahaha.. Seems like it was just yesterday. Yeah, really. And now, one of us is getting married. Sure feel proud. Not a long sentence for you dear Coco. Just that, on behalf of Elparanza, I wish your undertakings as a wife to be the happies moment of your life, having to be with your loving hubby every single seconds now. Congrats again and don't worry, we will be there!
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uiks...coco mau kawin suda? aisehh..bila tu? sa x kad jemputan ka? hahaha congrats coco :)

hehehe.. iya ba mo kawin sudah...
ko p lah check fs dia... hehehe...

ni kad jemputan ni pun via email ja ni... heheheh

sioknya dpt award...

"Terima kasih kepada Tuhan di atas bakat ini, kpd ibubapa yg sentiasa memberi sokongan dan dorongan. Kepada En.Ned yg memberi sepenuh kepercayaan dan duit utk merakam album saya yg ke-67 ini. Award ini adalah utk semua, oh ya kepada Tongkat Ali, kamu mmg the best!!"

hahahaa... lawak ni defoo tapi uiikks, ko jangan silap.. album ke-69 suda tu yang ko mo record.. ko lupa suda? hahahaha

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