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Murder of UMS Student!

I don't know. Maybe because I was staying in Kota Marudu and people were still talking about this case as ever, I feel that, the media is a bit slow in publishing the murder case of our fellow friend that was raped before being murdered. I heard that the 3 suspects were now captured, in different locations. I also heard that some family members of the suspects were also detained to help the investigation.

I heard so many versions of stories in which, I can't really share here. Even my mom came out with so many versions of the same case. Yeah, she went to the pasar to beli some sayur. Of course you guys know what happened back at the pasar right? And then coming home talking about the 'pisang panas news' which rarely happen in Kota Marudu.

Friends, this is not something that I want to share happily. I never have liked to share such news as this. I don't know la... I am really sad. Just sad. So VERY sad..

Check this link to read more:
3 suspects held over murder of UMS student. Also check The New Sabah Times dated the 5th Oct, 2008.

Note: sorry, typing error.. 5th Sept I mean, not 5th of Oct... Sorry again.. (thx to those who commented me on this)
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First time commenting here, tertarik tu topik bah. Yup, agree with you, lambat media publish tu cerita. I heard many version of it already, not sure mana btul.

Betul2 bikin takut, woman shouldnt go anywhere alone lg oh..Palis2

its was a bit shocking when i come to know the three murderers..

i really hope the media will publish ceta ni di seluruh malaysia and of cos sabah sebab biar ni jadi pengajaran buat semua kita..

ya, women shouldnt go anywhere alone...

Ya, mmg post mcm kurang menyenangkan tapi perlu juga dibuat supaya kawan2 bloggers tau perkara seperti ini terjadi dan itu menjadi teladan kepada yang lain2. In fact sya tau pasal tu UMS student pun dari blog ko juga tu Ned.. Thanks for sharing. I hope justice will be done!

i will narrow the details la nanti...
yang version sa tahu lah.. bukan sebab mo glamer ka apa, tapi sebab sa d kota marudu and i know the story, then, sa rasa tidak salah if sa share apa yang sa tau dan dengar....

it was a very sad news which i believed had triggered anger among our society. we pray that may her soul rest in peace.
for those culprits involved, they dont deserve even a single right living on this planet. pls go to hell..

wat do you mean by check the paper in 5th october 2008??

aren't we still in september??

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