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September Sucks!

Ya, I mean it. Not that I hate Sept, it's just a semantic thing. Sept is just hard for me.
And this is so true...

I started this 'unlucky' Sept with gastrik.. I don't know what it happened since I was attending this course in KK and food was never a problem. Breakfast at 7am, tea break at 10.30am, lunch at 12.30 noon, tea break again at 3.30pm, dinner at 6.30pm and supper at 10.00pm. And it's for 2 weeks! Never taken the supper, that is.
Yeah, it was really tough till a friend of mine said that gastrick just not happened like that. Maybe you're not eating the amount your body want you to eat, or because you have no fixed time for you meals. And that's when I began explaining how's my life like in that particular 2 weeks. And I finally got the answer. It's the stress. I don't really know for sure if it's proven medically, but stress can cause a lot of things including gastrik. I took that as a cause since I was indeed stressed the few final days before I sat for my exam (still waiting for the result now, grrr)

And then, it doesn't stop there. Again, there's the the toothache. God, I was miserable. Three days man, three awful days. And the week after, Mr. High Fever suddenly came and 'stayed' for a couple days. I was on medication, till now. MC for two days (but felt better after the 1st day). Went to work the second day of MC and yes, another thing happened. This time, it's very big... Huhuhu... I don't want to describe more. It's embarassing.

Although I don't took for granted that Sept is like the worst case scenario for me this year, it's just that, things happened to me, bad things and as if it was packed to be suffered in this month! Week after week..

But, I took everything as education. I learned to be strong and firm and never let my guard down, never be victimized by the situation rather than learning from it.
I hope it's better for you guys out there. We'll never know what's going to happen but pray for good things and if bad things happen suddenly, remember, God will never let you bear tasks, He knows you can't carry.. I know this much as true...
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misti bisul ni kan hehehe :D perubahan kandungan hormon dlm badan penyebab bisul tu Ned.. cewah, pandai2 ja sya ni meneka :D Bah, cepat2lah sembuh spya ko boleh beraksi semula di dunia siber hehehe

ko kan ornest, huhuhu....

weeee.. cheeeer up!! everything happen for a reason! hehe

sabar ja anak jagung. I believe semua tu "CUBAAN".. ;)

ned, stress buleh kasi gastrik ka? *wondering*

yup, stres adalah penyakit buli bawa kepada sakit2 yang lain... huhuhu...

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