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UMS Girl Believed to be Raped and Murdered, again!

A local girl from Kota Marudu, which happened to be my junior in UMS, taking the same course, was found dead, believed to be raped before being killed. Found rotten and naked, just imagine how will the family of the girl accept this kind of happening in their life. Although there's still no news of the immoral-animal-bastard-cursed-idiot-criminal(when I heard this story), I am sure, the authority will look this matter extra closely.
I don't want to state the name just yet, but, if it goes out on papers tommorow, then you guys will know exactly what I mean.
This is just stupid. A shock to us all. What kind of human who will do such thing?
I extend my condolences to the family of the late friend and hope that she will find peace 'over there'...
I curse such behaviour and I curse people who did this!
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Begini la d sabah sekarang...aduh sadisnya...may her sould rest in peace..kalu jadi hantu pun p kacau tu penjahat..

here goes my coverage of d story;

bladiful oh kan?

wah.. ini betul2 kejam...!! tp ada dlm paper kaini?

Silaka tul durg yg bikin ni..klu sy jumpa sy timbak saja..biar mati pelan2..isk (adei emosi terlampau plak ni ow)

one of the teacher in my school ada p funeral dia..

berulat suda muka plus bahagian perut pun suda berlubang kena makan biawak...

when i ask why tidak masuk d news, parents that pity girl cakap jangan dulu sebab derang mo cari criminal dia dulu...

i know the girl's name... shes my junior... sakit betul hati sa, huhu..

sya pun tak dpt cakap apa2 lagi ni selain dari menyumpah2 tu penjahat.. harap org kampung yg tangkap dia, pastu kana sulah then kasih tinggal dlm hutan.. biar tu biawak makan mayat dia.. cilakak betul dia tu.. Api neraka menunggu dia tu

Hi Ned,

Sy pun baru jg dgr this case,i really thought only rumour,rupanya betul.

Ppl are making harsh speculations about the case, u know la mulut manusia. So selagi belum ada report keluar in newspaper,selagi tu la org tidak habis2 membikin cerita. Kasian the deceased family.

Mmg sial@n tu bedeb@h. Harap2 berulat la 'barang' dia tu.

i was so shocked juga to know about this ba. alala.. the victim's boyfriend is one of my fellow teacher yang sama2 posting kami dulu.

punya la hancur hati keluarga dan orang-orang tersayang dia tu. I can't imagine.

sudah la, my friend that (the deceased boyfriend) ada SPP interview on wednesday, dia baru jak balik funeral girlfren dia tu on tues..alal

OMG!!! Punya sial tu perogol..karma will get back to him..I'm sure on that..
Tingu lah..kalau dia kana tangkap tu..memang kena kasi hukuman mati tu...baB! betul oh!!!


kuar paper sudah this!!!

this is so disturbing >.<"""

guys, kuar paper suda ni news!!!!

kekejaman semakin menjadi2, sia mcm berfikir 2/3/100 kali mo tinggal di ibu kota..mcm mo tinggal di pisuk2 takut pula songgorip..

huhu.. mana2 pun buli jadi benda macam tu.. yang penting sekarang, mesti pandai jaga diri and tahu who u r with...

actually, we can avoid bad things from happening...

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