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Raya @ School!

Nda buli penuh sangat, nanti mo second round lagi ni...

Juadah wajib... Hehehe

Ada guru-guru yang baik hati p bawa open house diorang p skul ba ni...

Nasib ada lagi tinggal...

Actually, I was late. That's why the tray seems empty... huhuhu
3 Comment(s):

wah,mesti sedap tu..kami 1st week buka school pun maaaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaan saja d skul..

best o kan multi-racial community

bagus2... ada kawan sa tambah berat..

kurang asam....

tiapa ba,makan selagi boleh..nanti klu sakit / mati tia boleh makan sudah..ekekekek

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