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Battle Of The Cakes!

Okay, this is interesting. Last few weeks, almost the entire classes in my school held their Annual Farewell Party. Party like what we used to held before, remember? I know it's like a tradition and probably held throughout the country. It's a party in which students together with the teachers celebrate for the years of all the good times, funny times, hard times and stressful times - all times. Well, I know I had a very tough time with my class.

One thing that attracted me most is the cake they have in their class. Back in my days, nobody really cares who will cut the cake, what song to sing and what type of cake we will have. We were only interested in what we call as 'Battle of the Cakes'. Oh you know, the cake fight we used to have... Hahaha...

And this year maybe are one of the many years to come in which I again traced down the memory lane of the cake fight. Not that I took part in it but just watching the students made me feel the fun of it. Of course I didn't encourage them to have the 'fight'...

Why just 'ordinary' cake ah? It didn't take me long to realize why.
My class' cake. Very Simple yet very threatening, hahaha..
Durian cake from one of the class I went into. This is tasty...
Chocolate cake anyone? Very rich in chocolate, I must say.. Added KGs in my life!

Now is funny.. A Happy birthday cake in a farewell party? Or am I missing something here? Nope, didn't hear any birthday song being sung...

I don't think they'll have their cake fight here since the cakes were very inviting.. Or is it?

I remember this because this is the first photo of cake that I snapped that day. The first class we went into.. They're the SPM candidates.

After the first class, we divided ourself into groups and tried to go in every class just to pay respect to the students who put effort in holding the party. I was late to a few classes where I can only snapped ,specifically, a quater of this cake. I couldn't really went in all the classes but I where I can, I took the privilage to snap a photo or two.

You see people, hand marks! They're about to start the cake fight!!!

I also remember this cake because it was home-made by a student in her class. A bit ameature but it was good..

Together with my colleagues, we went in class after class. Ate as little as I can at first, then settled down finally in my own class. The only class which made an effort to prepare a choir for the teachers. I felt the vibe suddenly. Only then I realized that this will be the last time we can actually be in one place together. Be in one roof. And as any human being will be feeling about saying goodbye, indeed I feel sad and tears fell down my cheeks! Nah, no tears. Just made that up but the sad part, crystal!

I don't think it's a good idea for me to put the cake fight photos here. Just understand why okay. But I leave you people with the thoughts and memories of what it used to be like during our time. Not surprisingly, they're just like us!

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haiyaaaa... sayang o e2 kek..

tapi kalau 'battle of the cake' mesti trus oily tu muka ni...
ish..ish...ish... memebazir o kamurang ni hehehehe

best kan student punya effort especially end of the year bila exam habis and nothing more to do. While waiting for the holiday season, begini la tradisi dari dulu best!!!!

yaba... hehehehe...
best tapi nda mo join lagilah.. hehehe....

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