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Staff Meeting & Annual Dinner 2009 - Beringis Resort, Papar

I am sure looking forward for this event. Okay, this is the 2nd time I'm here. First when I attended the BSS - EMS programme which last for a week last year. Reached about 1 p.m. and straightly prepare my presentation - Club and Society Strategic and Action Plan. Been busy with this presentation for the last few days. I should say it went well, although there were fews changes and improvement that I should take note of.

Maybe the highlight of the programme would be the annual dinner. The organizers picked 'flora and fauna' as the theme and I think everybody has done a good job to suit the theme. My best buds and I wore floral attires - secara kebetulan, the three of us semua pakai baju corak bunga raya ni - hahaha.. a very interesting coincidence, hahaha.

The only thing I regretted on this year's annual dinner and staff meeting was that the tentative was to pack and there's hardly time for us to browse the area. But it's all good..

My colleague's first born.. So cute..

Cyril, Ned, Red and Chong in the same table

Gambar kami juga bah...

The children sure had lighten things up during the dinner.. Hahaha

See the baby? hehehehe.. Kiut kan...

Ni group yang serious2 ni... huhuhu

This is the line up of the administrators with their respective family members..

Ni pula meja kami.. Meja paling best.. hahaha

Orang-orang kuat semua ni tau..

My best buddies - Cyril left and Red right..
The annual dinner was indeed fun. Jokes, laughters, teasing here and there.. It was a memorable night for all of us. Tidak selalu kami dapat kumpul dalam situasi begini. It matters to know a little bit more of our colleagues and hope it will tighten things up every now and then.. Now, another year to wait before the next annual dinner...
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Alo Ned.. Siok kah sana? Hari tu kami Workshop sana. Punya siok tidur. Satu ja masalah sana bah. Kalau hujan lebat, banjir semua tu jalan dari restoran/melinsung room pigi bilik. Pakai payung pun basah juga kasut mcm sya tu hari hahaha... Kami rancang buat dinner di KingFisher Hall tapi hujan pula tu malam. Terpaksa pindah pigi melinsung room yang sempit itu :( Klu ndak hujan tu, pasti grand tu dinner tu sbb ada byk persembahan telah diatur. Live band pun ada tp apa bulih buatlah.. harap2 next year sajalah..

best kan ni tempat..tu anak yg ko pinjam pun kiut ni!hehehe...

si fasly(not really sure the speling) ka yang in the 5th picture, far right??

iya ba.. best.. ada cake fight tapi sa malas p join..
cakap berabis pun, teda guna.. tu budak2 skrg, bukan main umban2 ja... banyak taktik derang mo kasi kena...


falsy? yang mana satu tu ah isaiahezra??

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