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Elparanza The Family Grand Reunion 2008

Elparanza & Friends of Elparanza
Above from left - Openk, Ma'dir, Hars, Ned, Boy & Joe
Below from left - Popo, Mimie, Tang, Kelly, Connie, Synda, Marilyn, Siti, Bb
The Ladies....

"Jaga, sa lumpat ni..."

"Semua suda adakan? Iya, semua kita 15 orang ni...."

Time baru mo p Mamutik...

Dinner time... lapar suda ni masa....

Ayam madu by Ned...

Gang Chef...

Tulung mimie kasi 'kerja ni kangkung'...

About to leave for KK...

Macam kana copy paste pula sa tingu ni pic....

Balik2 sa cuba minta tangkap ni pic... kira berjaya jugalah...

Gambar dari atas kunu...

Kelly and Ned...
The guys...

Sa bawa main bola tapi main 'umban kaki' pula yang temain... hehehe

Femes juga sa ni tau.. ramai pula yang mo ambil pic sa...

Speech form the Elparanza President 2008

Tekakang habis ba saya... hehehe

I take ur photo, u take mine.. heheh

When we were about to 'boat'ourself to Mamutik Island
I just leave you guys to view these photos and one way or the other, you will understand how I appreciate moments like this..

7 Comment(s):

wahh...pnya siok kamurang ada reunion! rindu sa tgk kamurang menari pun mau join! :P ada2 ja sa..padahal sa bukan ahli hahahhaa

yeah jacq, it was fun... hehehehe... apalagi bila jumpa kawan2 lama ni.. tracing down the memory lanes betul... bila ingat2 balik, besar suda sa.. huhuhu

noy, join ja bah.. lain kali mo kana extend invitation p kawan2 yang lain juga.. setakat ni, ko pun nampak kan, yang original member ja... dengan kawan2 masing2 lah... hehehe...

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