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Flood In Kota Marudu (I)

When you are approaching Kota Marudu Town, you will see the view of Padi fields both at your right and left. It's indeed a beautiful scenery to be seen but during the non-stop rain since late Sunday evening in Kota Marudu, it caused this...

I was driving from Langkon to the town when I saw this. I feel bad for the farmers but this happen all the time, every year. Then approaching home was a bad luck for me too. The road going back to my house was also flooded and it's just about 1 hour after I passed the same road!

This area is among the worst!

Completely vanished!

The flood is almost at the same level as the road in this area

I waited for hours for the water to subside but the rain just keep coming heavily until I decided to cat-walk myself back home...

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Sya lupa pula ko berada di KM. Teruk betul tu banjir sya dingar di berita n baca di paper. Apa mcm sdh sana skrg? Ada ko kasih selamat org masa banjir tu hari? hehehe... Teruk juga skolah kamu tu. tanggalam juga. Berapa anggaran kerugian tu?

hahahaha.. si oiga bah... tedala ba sa kasi selamat orang tapi kasi selamat harta benda sekolah adalah... hehehe...

sampai ati ko lupa sa yang kena banjir... huhuhu

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