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This will be short and clear. I hate wars and I hate to see blood. Even the tinest of it. But as we are aware of the Gaza War and how our media encourage the Malaysian Community to make donation, I just want these few questions of mine to be thinked about. Doesn't the Israelis suffer too? Were there no death among the Israelis because of this war? This doesn't mean I'm not taking side okay. I just want to say what's on my mind.

Like what we were always told, the US is a very close 'friend' of Israel. But, are all people in the US are as cruel as told?

That brings me to my last question. Do we hate war or the people who does it? If we hate the people who does it, then don't hate the country as a whole. But if we hate war, do not condemn people by its race! I strongly believe, not all the Israelis community like what is happening now. I know I don't!
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ya, ure right maslight....

i agree with you.. sukung.... sa berabis bah kasi tau sana blog saya tu.. tidak tau tersiar di berita ka tidak.. hehehehe!!!

Pasal barait tu kan.. mcm .. hehehe.. ada domain saya tu pasal barait.. tidak sengaja ni Ned.. hehehe..

ntahlah.. bila cakap pasal mo derma ni, buat kali pertama sa betul2 berfikir... selalu dlm kepala sa yang ni tidak adil... tidak taulah ni...

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