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Guys, Check This Out!

Okay, I dont usually do this but I am actually doing a favour for my cousins. They have their own boutique, an online one call
StyLe Bytes of Alverina Adsone Avonnie Almond and they sell dresses and gowns mostly.

I don't really know how to describe the stuffs they sell but from what I can see, it's indeed catchy and erm, elegance guaranted I must say. It's still a new business and I can really see the hard work while browsing their boutique. So guys, please check that boutique okay. Just click the this and you'll see what I'm talking about. Btw, it's an account in Facebook so you need to have an account to browse the boutique. Well, everyone has facebook now so there should be no problem. These are some of the things they are selling. All the details regarding delivery are clearly stated and all you guys have to do is order it, hehehe.

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Hi friend,
Sorry.. Im looking for local friend in Sabah. I'm visiting Sabah in April 2009.

Lawa2 juga ni baju dia jual ni.. manalah kadai dia tu? Mana tau wife mau cari baju nantiiii :)

teda kedai ni bro... dia main online ja ni... kazen punya ba ni jadi tolong2 promote sikit... hehehe...

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